How To Buy A Gift Hamper Online – 4 Things To...

Online shopping safelyThese days you can buy anything online. Even a gift hamper for someone you really love. The great thing about buying online is how quick and hassle free it is. You find what you want, add it to your cart and checkout. However, before you put your credit card information in, there are a few things you need to look for first. Here they are.

#1 – An About Us Page

A legit gift basket or gift hamper business will have an about us page. An about us page is basically the online profile of the business. It is this page that will give you an overview of what the company is all about. On it you should find detailed information such as an email address and a physical business address. There should also be a brief blurb about the owners of the business. If the about us page only has two or three lines of information that could be a sign the company isn’t very legit.

#2 – A Physical Address & Phone Number

Never do business with a website that doesn’t have a physical address and a phone number you can call. Yes you are buying online and a physical address might not be all that important. However, knowing the location of a business instills a certain level of confidence with online customers.

Even if its a warehouse and they don’t allow customers in, just knowing the physical address of the warehouse makes you feel a little more secure about your purchase.

#3 – A Privacy Policy

These days, thanks to sites such as Facebook and Twitter it seems like nothing is private. However, when you are making a purchase online it means you will be entering your personal information. You will be providing your name, address and credit card number. You want to make sure this information is always safe. You want to make sure your privacy will be protected and respected.

But a privacy policy from a gift hamper business goes far beyond just keeping your credit card information safe. It is also about keeping your email address safe. You want the assurance your email address will never be sold or rented. The privacy policy should also cover the address of the recipient. It should clearly state said address will never be shared.

#4 – A Delivery Policy

When you order a gift box for that someone special you want to make sure it gets delivered on time. It if doesn’t it can completely ruin the moment. That’s why it is so important you read over the delivery policy before placing your order. If there is no delivery policy find someone else to do business with. Before you hit the submit button make sure there is a confirmation of the delivery time, the address it will be delivered to and the total cost.

You want written confirmation that your order will be delivered on the day you specified. If a company has a delivery policy that is very vague that is another reason to take your business elsewhere. After all, the last thing you want to do is pay for your order and it doesn’t get delivered on time.

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Get your flowers anywhere anytime with fast del...

Expressing your love to the right person at the right time makes a big difference in the person’s life. There are many occasions where you want to gift your loved one to make him or her feel special. The flowers make the perfect gift when you want to express the lots of unsaid expressions. The flowers are perishable and get spoiled very fast. Hence, it is sometimes very difficult to gift these flowers to the person staying at the distant place. Again it is not possible to send the flowers anywhere anytime due to the shelf life of the flowers. You can get these flowers online to get them delivered at your loved one’s doorsteps in just no time. Find out the best way to have the deliveries of your favourite flowers in your limited budget and restricted time.

flowers anywhere anytime

Find the best website

Whenever you plan to order the flowers online, the first thing you need to do is to find the best website. There are many online portals or florists offering quick delivery service but you must find the one that is reliable. This can be done by finding the portal through references or from your past experience. The website with more options and better delivery service would make the right choice. You may also check the affordability first before opting for the portal.

Select the flowersValentines-Day-Flowers

Once you have selected the portal, you may then select the flowers. The flowers can be selected as per the colour, occasion, choice or budget. The flowers are usually well categorised on the portals so that you can find the flowers as per your need. If you don’t find the flowers of your choice then you can switch to other site to get the best options.

Payment options

The selected flowers can be ordered at the desired address. You may order the flowers anywhere in the territory of the online portal. The delivery time should also be checked so that the delivery is made at the right time to express the right feeling for the right occasion. Lastly you need to make the payment with the appropriate payment option. Check for the secured payment option to avoid fraudulent transactions from your credit or debit card.

The above steps will make you order the flowers for all you care for and thus express your unconditional love.

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